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Wishing You A Colorful and Fruitful 2015

A Year-End Thought for You:
An Ending is Really A Beginning
We all want to “run the race” faithfully. We want to end well
But also keep in mind that life contains many seasons
And each season has a start and an end to it
Starts and ends don’t jump from black to white
They merge into "a greyish hue" for a time
As do dawn and dusk
Before sunrise or sunset
So in "the grey" of some seasons
Take care to handle changes with thought and integrity
Be mindful of details and of others' feelings too

Every ending overlaps every new beginning
...and colors it in some way
 In fact, the ending of one season
Is the very start of the next

Love, Melody

Keeping it Simple

Please remember LDM in your year-end giving
We need an abundance of generous year-end gifts

This year was difficult for me, which made it hard on everyone
My move took forever and was costly for LDM
I also needed 6 weeks recovery from major surgery

My communication with you is very important
But I couldn't write as much as usual and LDM has suffered
We just let a long-term staffer go for lack of funding

Great testimonies about our web-ministry arrive daily
  Join us in reaching the world with Jesus' love

So please remember us
And send your best gift possible
 Remember too that we are always
grateful for each of you.

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